Madeira has a long-held tradition of forward thinking and setting new standards in the education of girls. That tradition continues with the school’s campaign, which reaffirms the importance of an all-girls education, strengthens the impact of Madeira, and ensures that nothing is off limits to a Madeira girl.

Your generous support of these five campaign priorities makes all the difference.

Residential Life
Better Facilities, Better Experiences

The Madeira experience encompasses much more than our excellent academics. Madeira is committed to providing residential facilities that match the excellence of our academic offerings. These residential initiatives will make it easier for all of our students to participate fully in the Madeira community and forge lifelong friendships.

Expanding community spaces. Extending the adult presence. Enriching campus life.

For Residential Life Initiative
$42m Goal

Your support ensures that all boarding students have the opportunity to live in renovated spaces and keeps Madeira competitive in attracting students.

Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning


Madeira students need to navigate a world where the rate of change means education must prepare girls both in jobs that exist today and in those that have not yet been discovered. Education must link abstract concepts with practical applications. Academic space requires maximum flexibility to support an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach.

The new Center will transform our campus in support of a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.

For Steam Initiative
$26m Goal

Your support ensures that Madeira is positioned at the forefront of innovative interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Madeira’s Signature Differentiator

Madeira celebrated the 50th anniversary of Co-Curriculum in 2017. We want to remember not only how much the program has accomplished over the years, but also how much it will accomplish for generations to come. Co-Curriculum prepares girls in both the classroom and in the real world.

Endowing the Co-Curriculum Program affirms our commitment to prepare girls in experiential settings beyond the classroom.

Madeira recently created the Next Generation Society to preserve and strengthen the School’s signature program for future generations of Madeira girls. Learn more and join today.

For Co-Curriculum Initiative
$5m Goal

Your support ensures this life-changing experiential learning program continues for future Madeira students.

Raising the Bar for Excellence

We’re building new athletic facilities that rival our academic excellence. A new organic turf field brings competitiveness, safety, and pride to Madeira athletics.

To stay competitive among our peer schools and provide our student-athletes with an elite experience, Madeira installed a new organic turf field.

For Athletics Initiative
$2m Goal

Your support ensures continued competitiveness and success for our student-athletes.

Madeira Fund
An Immediate Impact

Gifts to The Madeira Fund help balance the budget and are crucial in helping the school meet our short-term annual needs. Recruiting a wonderful new teacher. Producing a theatrical performance. Scholarships. Athletic uniforms. Books. Classroom technology. Annual giving provides for an educational atmosphere that is vibrant – academically, athletically, and socially.

Contributions to The Madeira Fund are put to immediate use, supporting students today.

For The Madeira Fund
$10m Goal

Your support ensures that Madeira’s budget is balanced and crucial, short-term needs are met for today’s students.